Have a clue

May 31st, 2016

What does it mean to have a clue? A clew is the string that guides you on a winding path through a labyrinth. A clue guides you on your path. You have to wake up to have a clue. It is true that everyone has a clue, but not everyone wants to know. Some people deny or reject their clue. Spiritual practices such as study, service, and meditation will bring you closer to your inner clue. Take the time to practice and learn to recognize your clue.

Some people abuse their clue or accuse others of not having a clue when they themselves refuse to get a clue. Others may judge you for your clue or apparent lack thereof. If you said something ridiculously outrageously ignorant, I could say you were clueless or I could suggest that you get a clue. You may not feel like having a clue, but you should at least act like you’ve got one. I mean really!

How do we find the real clue? If you have gotten this far, it’s easy. You already know this. The answer is within. You find your very own unique universal clue within you, that part of you that knows that it knows. When Consciousness awakens inside you, the clue is you. Always & already here. You are the clue. Yes! You are the Cleu.

Science vs. Spiritually?

November 25th, 2007

New understanding of the relationship of science to spirituality is bringing about an evolution in consciousness, a harmony that will lead the way to a new paradigm– At-Onement. Dr. Bruce Lipton’s new book, The Biology of Belief, explores the developing science of epigenetics, and asserts that our health and well-being are intimately connected to our state of mind and the beliefs that inform it. His site, brucelipton.com, has many great articles on the “wisdom of cells,” and other topics that will get you thinking. Consciousness is evolving! Check it out.