Get a clue!

On Earth Day, April 22nd, scientists and their supporters all over the country held a March for Science in Washington DC and in satellite marches all over the world. Science is an established consensus of many, a global agreement about the facts, and a skeptical methodology that tests for truth and accuracy. The whole world got a clue about climate change by using scientific methods, rigorously peer-reviewed evidence, and consensus according to academic standards. In the 2015 Paris agreement, the countries of the world agreed to mitigate global warming by pledging to reduce emissions. On April 29th, the People’s Climate March will take place in DC and in marches and rallies all over. As says, “to change everything, we need everyone.” Be there!

Here in the U.S., climate science and policy information continues to be removed from federal websites, and scientists are concerned that their data may be next. The public relations industry continues to cast doubt on science, and the media presents a misleading debate that belies scientific consensus. People with a clue must stand up for consciousness, choosing to act in accordance with our best understanding of who we are. We look to science, our collective understanding, to provide the most rational and informed perspective. Through science, we recognize that we are one people on one planet, our only home.

To bring about a more harmonious world, we must come together face-to-face, meeting regularly in small groups, in circle. Not just to talk, eat, and enjoy each others company, but to gather our collective energy and to focus it on our vision and values. Our vision is that of a world in harmony, a world At-One. Science is a universal language. We value truth, equality, respect and love for all life, our planet, our Universe. We come together to empower the resistance and help bring about a new paradigm of Truth, Love, and Science.

Find people with a clue and meet weekly over food, and take some time to celebrate your human rites of music, art, dance, drum, song, and story. Revel in a direct experience of At-Onement. Build a supportive network and shared infrastructure that helps sustain you all physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Explore creative and effective ways to support action on behalf of the Earth, Life, and Consciousness. Learn to prioritize better choices for Air, Water, Food, and Energy. Discover the power of the circle.

You can even use the religious freedom granted by the first Amendment of the Bill of Rights to turn your circle into a legal church with its own school, garden, childcare, and whatever community development, social services, or businesses it wants, mostly tax-exempt and free from government interference. You have more power than you realize.

We’re here to help people come together in harmony for Truth, Love, Science. Get a clue!

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