our Annual Pilgrimage

Every year, the Conscious Life Community makes its annual pilgrimage to the Black Rock desert in Nevada to participate in the Burning Man Festival, an unusual gathering that draws people from all over the World. For one week at the end of August, we suspend the commercial aspect of our lives and celebrate the Spirit of Community.

Burning Man calls us to a more creative, communal, and self-reliant Life. The harshness of the desert playa and the diversity of people there challenge us with their extremes. We meet the challenge by creating Black Rock City, where the only things for sale are coffee, tea, and ice, and everyone is encouraged to give something away. The “giveaways” range from handmade trinkets to interactive experiences that are offered by groups called theme camps, participants who often work all year on their “gift.” Others offer monumental, collaborative works of Art, most of which will be burned to the ground in honor of the evanescent moment. And in the end, everyone sees to it that the entire city and all the Artwork vanishes without a trace.

We love thinking about all the people who have made the commitment to “Participate!”as we work on our bus, “The Rites of Man,” and gather the necessary supplies, enough Water, Food, shelter, and giveaways for a week on the desert. Black Rock city gives us hope for a world in which Community and Human Rites thrive, for cities where creativity and a gift economy replace violence and commercialism. We believe that the next great religion flourishes in the communal celebration of Consciousness that is Burning Man.

Come visit us on the playa and pick up a Cleu in person. And if you’re already a Burner, drop us an email giving your insights on the experience, especially how it relates to your spiritual path.

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