Calling your first Circle

Calling a circle in your neighborhood is a relatively simple process. We’ve provided some basic materials to help you along and suggest that you read the rest of the Circle posts and print them. These posts will provide you with the information and knowledge you’ll need before you actually call a circle. You really want to make sure you have everything the way you want it before you call your circle.

Develop and and document your vision for the circle, choosing the agreements and activities that promote your intention or purpose. Plan to go over any agreements at the first gathering so that people understand what is expected of them.
Begin by deciding on your intention. Try to keep it simple and clear. If you find it difficult to pin down your intention or purpose, consider an “Icebreaker” circle with the obvious intention of getting to know others in your community a little better.
Choose those activities most likely to contribute to the fulfillment of your intention. Most activities require an ability to explain instructions to others, possibly some preparation or specific materials, or at the very least, an irrepressible enthusiasm for improvisation. Plan how to give instructions for any activities, identify any necessary preparation or materials, and will remind you to create the special space of the circle by establishing a center, and deliberately opening it at the beginning and closing it at the end.

Be ready to discuss how to share responsibilities and leadership to make your next circle even better. Your new circle just might eventually evolve into an ongoing one. Do whatever feels right for you, but keep your eye on the prize— real connections with real people!

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