the Call

We invite all who have a clue to claim their spiritual identity, find and develop a spiritual community, and dedicate themselves to cultivating the experience of At-Onement in their personal life, their family, their community, and the world.

Claim Your Spiritual Identity

You are the clue! You have a vision and values that guide you and bring purpose and joy to your life. Share them with others:

  • Get a Cleu pendant, wear it proudly, and be able to explain its symbolism to anyone who asks.
  • Know your vision and values well enough to explain and discuss them.
  • Develop your spiritual practices– study, meditation, service, mentoring, and pilgrimage.
  • Celebrate your human rites of music, art, dance, drum, song, story, circle, and communion, alone and with others.
  • Get your very own copy of The Cleu Book and deepen your understanding of our vision, values, rites, and practices.
  • Finally, donate regularly to the CLEU to ensure that our vision, values, and symbol continue to be available to all.

Develop a Spiritual Community

Your spiritual community starts with you and includes everyone in your community who has a clue. Find and inspire as many as you can to meet regularly in circle. We are not hard to find. We frequent the places, gatherings, and events that resonate with our values. You’ll find us at events that celebrate our human rites: music, art, dance, drum, story, song, communion, and circle. You’ll find us at gatherings and meetings that address our concerns for the quality of the air, water, food, and Energy resources of our community. You’ll find us at health food stores and other locally owned and operated businesses who demonstrate a concern for their employees, customers, and the environment. We may seem hard to find in some communities, but we really are everywhere.

Sign up for CleuViews and give us your name, email address, and zip code, and we may be able to connect you with others near you who also have a clue.

Once you’ve discovered a few people with a clue, invite them to meet to talk about their spiritual values. Consider forming a weekly Cleu circle to share the communion of a meal and to celebrate your human rites. Meeting regularly strengthens your spiritual community.

For even greater focus and bonding, agree on an intention that requires everyone’s participation as well as their combined resources. Discover the power of consensus. From potlucks to pilgrimages, community happens when people pool their Energy. As a community, you might want to acquire a space for your celebrations or a shared vehicle for your travels. The combined spirit that you embody can be directed in many powerful and effective ways. You might even decide to join us on our Annual Pilgrimage. The choice becomes yours. Just imagine– a Cleu space in every community!

Seek At-Onement

Life is full of opportunities to experience At-Onement. Let your vision and values guide you, your practices ground you, and your rites put you in touch with your divine nature and renew your connection to your family and community. Make conscious choices that put you in harmony with the rhythms of the great miracles of the Universe, the Earth, and Life. When we deepen our intuitive and rational understanding, we come to realize that our individual and collective actions determine the ultimate fate of Consciousness and the Life on which it depends.

Stand up for your spiritual values!

Claim your spiritual identity, develop your spiritual community, and celebrate Consciousness!